Be the Parent You Want to Be.

For Parents of children ages 2-17 who would like to build or rebuild a positive relationship with their child and/or learn how to successfully correct their child's problematic behaviors.

Rebuild the Parent-Child Relationship.  Regain Mutual Respect. Prepare The Child For the World.

-Move beyond grounding your child and taking away the electronics. 

-Learn six steps to teaching your child how to improve judgement, problem-solve, gain emotional awareness, and gain behavioral control.

-Learn strategies to communicate and behave in a way that your child(ren) will listen to you and respect you.

-Keep your relationship with your child(ren)   strong, even when discipline is necessary.

-Establish an effective, comprehensive, and structured behavioral expectation contract for both parents and children.

* There are no "quick-fixes."  Don't be fooled by the simplistic programs out there that promise dramatic, instant results.  The approach at this workshop is more focused on the the long-game of preparing children for life while maintaining their confidence and emotional well-being, not simply getting the child to "behave and listen."

Thursday, October 16th 7PM -9PM