What is The Attunement Method?

Creating Understanding 

Learn your and your partner's attachment styles, including how biology and early conditioning (how experiences influence behavior) worked together to form your unique sensitivities, habits and needs.

Reconditioning for Safety

Learn new skills and habits to retrain your nervous system to associate connection and conflict with safety and comfort, not distress and defensiveness. Experience conflict and vulnerability comfortably by practicing "attunement" (awareness and response to your partner's needs) through new communication skills and behaviors. 

Building Connection

Enjoy each other. When you and your partner establish a foundation of understanding and safety — true friendship, playfulness, and joy can naturally flourish.

The Attunement Method teaches partners to understand and attune to one another's attachment style and replace distress and defensiveness with safety and comfort during connection and conflict


I'm Dr. Angelica Shiels, a licensed clinical psychologist passionate about helping people strengthen relationships by understanding themselves and their partners through the psychological principles of family systems and attachment theory. Examining how inborn neurology and early conditioning follow people into adulthood, helps partners understand one-another and re-establish  safety within the  vulnerability of their relationships. Then couples are able to re-build genuine friendship and partnership  on this foundation of secure attachment.  Please explore The Attunement Method offerings and check back for more to come. Thanks for being here!