Meet Our Coaches

Angelica Shiels, Psy.D.

Enjoyment and positivity naturally grow when couples are attuned to themselves and to one another.  Our coaching sessions help partners understand one another and teach both attunement strategies and communication skills. 

Amanda Pfaneuf

We typically see clients whose relationship problems, when examined, are rooted in fear. We help them understand the underpinnings of their current dynamics and replace fear with a sense of safety. 

Private Coaching Sessions

We offer private relationship consultation sessions for couples, individuals, or parents. Sessions are virtual and include education on attachment, formative experiences and wounds, attunement and guidance/opportunities to practice communication strategies.

The Attunement Method Total Package: 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!  Capitalize on Dr. Shiels' analytical, intuitive approach and Coach Pfaneuf's well-organized, methodical style! This package includes a 2-hour private session with Dr. Shiels and three 90-minute follow-up sessions (to practice the strategies recommended by Dr. Shiels) with Amanda Pfaneuf.  

First step; Understand:  During a 2-hour private session, Dr. Shiels will "map" you and your partner (discover early conditioning, personality/temperament style, attachment styles, and typical patterns of defenses) and create a PLAN to address individual growth areas and new couples regulation/communication methods.  

Next step; Practice: In three 90-minute follow-up sessions, Coach Amanda will walk couples through the exercises and interventions as recommended by Dr. Shiels.  (Amanda has been meticulously trained in the Attunement Method and has a direct, results-driven style that complements Dr. Shiels' more intuitive approach.  Check out her bio!)  

*Note:  Fullslate will only allow you to schedule the initial session with Dr. Shiels immediately.  You may wait for that session to schedule the follow-ups with Amanda OR you may text Amanda @ (667)270-0109 or email @ to schedule those sessions now.

Dr. Angelica Shiels (& Coach Amanda Pfaneuf)
The Attunement Method Total Package


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Dr. Angelica Shiels
60-minute coaching session


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Dr. Angelica Shiels
90-minute coaching session


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Amanda Pfaneuf
Package of three 90-min sessions 


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Small Group Couples Workshop

Dr. Shiels offers a semi-private workshop on the first Friday and Saturday of each month (maximum of two additional couples). Participants in this workshop will receive Dr. Shiels' couples workbook, "Safety, then Connection." They will receive personalized guidance and education on attachment, formative experiences and wounds, attunement, and time to practice communication strategies. 

Dr. Angelica Shiels
Small Group Couples. Workshop


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